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Robin Byrne's book is a rarity -- an easy-to-read business book with a lot of depth to it. It's my kind of business book: deceptively simple because there is a lot of meat in those pages if you really think about it, take it to heart, and do the recommended exercises. He does a good job of mixing in stories and humour, but mostly, if you take seriously what he is saying about culture change through measurability, and if you apply it with your team or your department or your company, it will take you a long way in the journey of not only improving performance but also being the kind of organisation that continually gets better.

I’m Simon Williamson of High Force Training, and I’d like to offer you a free copy of Robin’s book, ‘Cultural Change through Measurable Management '.

Inside, Robin reveals how to:

This book builds on one of the most key components of organisational effectiveness--and that is how to get the majority of the people in your organisation bought into the Strategic Vision. It is as practical as it is insightful. One of my favourite quotes is, "If you develop a customer focused culture you will not be able to stop the process improvements from coming through." When I look at programmes and management techniques that have failed in the past I see a linkage to this issue of not having the culture bought in to the overarching vision. Robin's insight and real world accomplishments at Xerox, as well a long client list who have used Measurable Management, is a testament to the effectiveness of this management training programme

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"This little book is an excellent read. The book is great for leaders who want to be highly successful in changing the way an organization should treat the paying customers and employees. If you want to be successful this book is for you. Right now, we at Toshiba are using this book and Measurable Management lessons to become more successful in what we do. Thank you Robin for a book that helps Toshiba America meet its key strategies."
Jon Wessel - Toshiba